News for December 2013

Target Card Breach

December 20, 2013

Highmark has received notification from VISA that Target has had a massive data breach and as many as 40 million cards (both debit and credit) could have been compromised nationwide since November 27, 2013.  Highmark has examined all of our records since November 27, 2013 and is notifying cardholders who presented their card at a Target store at least once.

Please use our Online Banking site by going to and logging into online banking to examine all of your transactions since that time.  If you determine that your card has been compromised, call Highmark at 605 716-4444.  Even if your card does not appear to have been compromised, continue to watch your card history.  Both debit cards and credit cards may be suspended automatically if it is discovered that it is part of the Target data breach.  This can be inconvenient at this time of year. 

If your card is a debit card, experts advise you to change your PIN.  We strongly advise you change the PIN by calling 1-866-297-3411 or you can call Highmark at 605-716-4444 during normal business hours.  In addition, card compromises often result in identity theft attempts.  You can provide some level of protection against identity theft by checking your credit report using the free website

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IRS Form 1099-INT Instructions for Recipient

December 5, 2013

Your 2013 IRS Form 1099-INT detailing earned interest is printed at the end of your December statement.  For instructions about this form, please click the following link:  IRS Form 1099-INT Instructions for Recipient

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Photos with Santa and Nugget

December 3, 2013

Show us your child’s membership card and get a free photo taken with Santa and Nugget by the Highmark FCU Christmas Tree.

If your child does not have a membership, coupons will be available for your child to open one that day. If a membership is not desired, the photo is $10. All proceeds will go to the Black Hills Children’s Home.

It starts Wednesday Dec. 11 from 2-5pm at 725 5th St

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