Elite Money Market Account

If you are looking for a high earning investment option that offers liquidity and security, the “Elite” Money Market may be the perfect choice for you. You’ll earn a very competitive annual percentage yield that increases as your balance increases. And you’ll have access to your money 24 hours a day via check, phone, online or in person.

An Elite Money Market Account earns a higher rate of return and still offers you the flexibility to access your funds if you need them. This account requires a balance of $2,500 to earn higher yield dividends, and a small monthly charge of $7.50 if your balance falls below $2,500.

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Money Market Account

A Money Market Account offers you a higher dividend than a share savings account, with the ability to access and draw your balance down to $1.00, to continue earning dividends. There are no monthly fees, and you receive six free automatic withdrawals per month, and a small charge of $5.00 a withdrawal over six. The most flexible way to invest your money without the need to maintain a high balance to earn dividends.

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Share Savings Account

A Share Savings Account not only establishes your membership with Highmark Federal Credit Union, it also earns competitive dividends on your savings with a minimum of $100 balance. With the convenience of Direct Deposit or payroll deductions, members can specify a certain amount of money to be automatically deposited into a share savings account, to grow your savings. A share savings account can also be used as collateral for a loan.

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Individual Retirement Accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) are insured accounts, that provide you a tax shelter for your retirement savings, with a tax deferred or tax deductible contribution.

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