• October 27-30, 2017: Important Information – Data Processing Conversion
    Please read this important newsletter regarding our data processing conversion.  The newsletter was mailed to all members the week of October 16th.  You may need to take action on your account prior to October 27th.
    All members, including those who normally receive e-statements, will receive a paper statement at the end of October.  No statement fees will be applied.
    All offices of HFCU will be closed on Monday, October 30th for a data processing conversion.


Conversion Questions & Answers

Q:  Why do I need to download my history for October in October?

A:  E-statements for October will not be available until later this year.  We recommend that you download your current history in order to have it available for reconciliation.  Account history will not be converted to the new computer system.  The last day that you will be able to view your October history online is Saturday, October 28th (until noon MDT).


Q:  Why should I download my e-Statements for the year?

A:  E-statements will not be available until later in the year due to the data processing conversion.  It is important that you have the information required for your personal or business needs.


Q:  When will I have access to my online e-statements?

A:  E-statements for January-July 2017 should be available by the end of November.  E-statements for August-October 2017 should be available by mid-December.


Q:  Will I receive a statement for October?

A:  Yes, all members will receive a paper statement for October history.  No paper statement fees will apply.


Q:  Why do I need a CODE word on my account?

A:  A CODE word is an important part of our security procedures.  Staff will ask for your CODE word to identify you.


Q:  How do I set up a CODE word on my account?

A:  You can set up a CODE word in online banking until noon Saturday, October 28.  Simply log into online banking, go to Info Center, then select Personal Information.  Click the Edit my Info button and input a CODE word for your account.  After October 28, 2017, an employee can assist you with this process.


Q:  Why are you closed on Monday, October 30th?

A:  The process of converting data from one system to another is complex.  The additional time is needed to verify data and cross-check information.  Employees will be working on Monday even though the credit union is closed.


Q:  What should I do if I use Quicken or QuickBooks?

A:  Click here for important information regarding reconnecting your account to our new online banking.  Be sure to read this BEFORE downloading or you may have duplicate transactions.


Q:  What should I do if I use an account aggregator for downloading?  (Note:  The response refers to the following products: MINT, QuickBooks Online (QBO), and Quicken Win/Mac Express Web Connect.)

A:  Aggregation services will be interrupted for one full week.  It is recommended that you DO NOT attempt to download a file until November 8, 2017.