Your credit union employees have been hard at work on a data processing conversion since February 2017.  We will be changing computer systems at the end of October.  We have selected Symitar’s EPISYS data processing platform which will allow us to focus on our core competencies and provide you, our member, with a more streamlined solution for access to your accounts.

Members will be able to use a single sign on to access online banking, mobile banking, bill payment and remote deposit.  These new features will serve you well tomorrow and long into the future.

With Symitar EPISYS, we will have on-demand access to more than 50 integrated products and services which will help us to provide a broader variety of products and services.  Highmark has grown significantly over the past several years and now offers a full line of products which include consumer, mortgage and business loans.  With growth comes growing pains, and the credit union is no exception.  We have outgrown our current computer system and this change has been in the planning stages for over four years.

Important information that you must know will be provided in a variety of ways over the next few months.  These may include emails, newsletters, website postings and lobby signage.  Please watch for and read these important announcements as we move forward. 

All offices of Highmark Federal Credit Union will be closed on Monday, October 30, 2017, so that we may conduct our computer conversion.  We will reopen for business during normal hours on Tuesday, October 31st.