Pee Wee Penguin Club

Pee Wee Club

The Pee Wee Penguin Club is a fun way for kids, ages 0 – 12 to learn about money and the importance of saving.

  • Earn a significantly higher rate than a regular savings account.
  • Start earning dividends on savings with just a minimum $25 balance.
  • Receive FREE Quarterly newsletters, a FREE Club Membership Card and a souvenir when you open an account.
  • We’ll also remember your child’s birthday with a personalized Birthday Card every year.

A parent or guardian will need to be joint owner on the account, although they do not need to be members at Highmark.

“Earn, Save, and Grow.”

The Pee Wee Penguin Young Savers’ Club is designed to teach children through age 12 the valuable lessons of saving – but in a fun and interactive way!  Club members enjoy a quarterly newsletter, promotional items for savings deposits, and occasional events and contests while they watch their deposits grow.

We keep it simple and fun by providing interactive experiences with money, special events and contests. Plus, receive a newsletter with tips tailored to the age of your children, so they can start Saving Smart.