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People rarely donate new socks to people in need

Just think about it.  When your old clothes wear out, or go out of style, most people simply donate them to a mission or shelter.  But what do people do with their old socks?  They usually throw them out because they are worn out.

A person in need asking for new clothes at a shelter will normally get everything – except new socks—a BIG need year round. Learn More >

Debit or Credit? The Real Difference

We’ve all been there: you’re at the register paying for that long-coveted purchase. You swipe your ATM/debit card and the touch screen asks, “Credit or Debit?” If you’re like most people, you make a choice without investing too much brainpower, but do you really know the difference between one choice and another? When is credit better than debit—and the other way around? Learn More >