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Highmark Federal Credit Union

Rewards Program

Where Banking With Highmark Rewards You

Attention Rewards Members -

The Highmark Rewards Program is our way of thanking you and rewarding you for your loyalty, long-standing membership, and/or relationship with us as your primary financial institution. The more you bank with Highmark, the more rewards you will receive - and be able to redeem for more savings or more attractive deposit rates. 
Highmark has designed its Rewards Program to focus on members who use our financial services day in and day out - for years - our Honors & Platinum Members.  Bank with Highmark, earn points, and get rewards. It’s that simple, just for you. Highmark Rewards is about rewarding your banking relationship with us – it’s not complicated. We'll Make It Happen. 

What's New

All Highmark members can enjoy the following:

  • FREE Checking!1
  • NO Minimum Savings Account Balance Fee!
  • NO Overdraft Transfer Fees!  

How To Earn Points

Benefits Associated With Your Points

How To See My Points

Are you an Honors or Platinum Member? Here's how to find out:

1. Go to online/mobile banking
2. On your dashboard, scroll down to Highmark Reward Qualifications and click
3. The very next screen will tell you your score: (x) points as well as whether you are Honors or Platinum Member. 

Now start redeeming! Just ask your Highmark associate to cash in on some of those new rewards! 

How To Redeem

To redeem your points for a benefit listed above, simply contact a Highmark Personal Financial Associate representative in person, by phone or via conversations in mobile banking. You will need to request to use your points to receive a particular benefit. 

1. If you are an Honors Member and you want to have your Skip a Pay fee waived, then contact a Highmark representative and let them know you are a Honors Level member, and that fee will be waived. 
2. Or, if you are a Platinum Member and your certificate is about to mature, and you want to roll it into another certificate and get the 0.25% higher rate, then you will need to ask your Highmark PFA for that benefit when you are making that transaction. 

The only benefit that will happen automatically, without you initiating it, is the APY Bonus on the Money Market (Savings Account).
Platinum Members will automatically get a rate that is 0.10% higher than all other members simply because they are Platinum Level Rewards members. 

Q: If I am a Platinum Member and want to redeem my Skip a payment fee waivers, may I do it on each of my loans?
A: No. The Skip a Payment fee waiver is per member account.

Example if I have 2 accounts and both have loans and both are platinum I could have one free on 88100 and one free on 56410 however.  If I have two loans under 88100 I can only have one per year.


1 box of free checks per year. 

8 starter checks per year. 

Terms and Conditions

Rewards Program Membership is available to all Highmark Credit Union members age 18 and over. Eligibility begins at the end of the month after account opening.   Youth Accounts are not eligible for Rewards Membership. You must be a member in good standing with the Credit Union and keep at least $1.00 in your Regular Share Account to be eligible. Members who have been disqualified from Honors Membership are not eligible for the 50+ Year Relationship. Accounts are reviewed regularly to determine continued eligibility for Membership. Members can advance at any time during the calendar year unless they are no longer a member in good standing or have less than $1.00 in their Regular Share Account. Once attained, Rewards Membership is good through December 31 of that calendar year and is reviewed at that time to ascertain continued eligibility.

Membership benefits will be reviewed on an annual basis. We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of Rewards Membership at any time. Certain terms and restrictions apply.

Rewards Membership is achieved for individual accounts. Members with multiple accounts must achieve Rewards Points for each account.

Bonus on Money Market Accounts

Eligibility for the bonus is based on  Membership level. Eligibility for the bonus continues as long as Rewards Membership is maintained, based on annual evaluation. The bonus is applied to the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) beginning the first of the month after you achieve Honors Membership or Platinum Membership. The loss of the bonus is retroactive to the first day of the month in which you no longer qualify for Platinum Membership.

Bonus for New and Renewing Certificates

Existing Members: Eligibility for the bonus is based on the Membership level. Existing members who open a new Certificate or have an existing Certificate will receive an increased bonus as they advance through Rewards Membership, based on a monthly evaluation on the last calendar day of the month.

The bonus is applied to the Annual Percentage Yield (APY). If a member becomes ineligible for the bonus, the bonus will be suspended and will not be reinstated during the calendar year. The loss of the bonus is retroactive to the first day of the month in which the member no longer qualifies for a Rewards Membership.

The bonus may be applied to  (add to) a special Share Certificate Rate offered by Highmark Credit Union. 

Closing Cost Discount

Eligibility for a closing cost discount is based on Rewards Membership level at time of loan origination plus the relationships that the member would achieve with the new loan. The amount of the discount is based on Rewards Membership level at the time of loan origination. The discount is valid for new purchases and when a member refinances a mortgage loan from another lender to Highmark. It is not valid for refinances on an existing Highmark mortgage. Contributions towards borrower's closing costs from third parties including the lender credit cannot exceed maximum limits established by the loan program for which the borrower qualifies.


If you take advantage of Skip-a-Pay, your loan(s) will continue to accrue interest during that time. Deferring your loan payment will extend the term of your loan(s); you always have the option of making additional or larger payments in the future to pay down your loan faster. Real estate, business, and visa loans are not eligible for Skip-a-Pay. Other terms and restrictions apply. Please ask for details.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay Program allows the Credit Union to automatically pay member checks, ACH debits, debit card transactions (if opted in) and Bill Payer transactions presented for payment against non-sufficient funds. Courtesy Pay is not a guaranteed overdraft line. The Credit Union is under no obligation to pay any items that would cause an overdraft balance but retains the right to do so at our sole discretion. The fee for Courtesy Pay is the same as NSF items returned as disclosed in our Schedule of Fees and Charges. However, through Rewards Membership, members may request up to five fee waivers per year depending on membership status. After an account has been overdrawn for 14 consecutive days, no further overdrafts will be paid. Furthermore, if an account is overdrawn for 30 consecutive days, that account may be charged off and the membership maybe restricted. Use of Courtesy Pay is subject to additional terms and restrictions.

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